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Home décor designer

Home interior designers in Trivandrum ,Homes are our safe havens. Our most intimate, personal spaces. The vibe and energy that it exudes are unique to each family – be it a family of 2 or 20. Home Interior Design has undergone a sea change in recent years with new technologies and inventions increasing the levels of comfort and convenience exponentially. But not all of it is for everyone.Home interior designers in Trivandrum, Living room design, Home décor design, Kitchen layout, and other key areas of the home must be carefully designed to capture and preserve the essence of the client’s vision.

Also gone are the days when the entire home followed a single style of design. Today one can have a minimalistic kitchen, an over-the-top design for the living room, and a playful and fun design for the shared spaces in the home. It is also possible to get a look of luxury and opulence without spending a lot of money.

The biggest change we are seeing in home designs is the increasing use of technology for greater comfort.

Convenience ranks top on the list of design goals for most clients. Today’s clients are well-travelled and have had more exposure to different architectural styles and designs. While they are clear about what they want, the execution can be a challenge. Flexible designs and concrete accents are also popular. Families also include a designated area for entertaining and want outdoor landscaping and fixtures like decks and patios.

Home design basics

Irrespective of the design details, the home is the place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. It should energize you and uplift your mood. It is important to have an uncluttered, comfortable, and warm space that makes use of natural elements. It should keep you safe and comfortable irrespective of external factors. We keep all this, and more, in mind while designing our homes. After all, a special client needs a special home!

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