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Modular kitchen designer

The way one cooks has evolved. So why shouldn’t your kitchen get an upgrade too? De Arte Interiors is the leading modular kitchen designer in Trivandrum, Kerala and our professionals are available to assist you in every step of your kitchen design and redesign journey. We cover everything from elaborate yet elegant modern kitchens to beautifully themed minimalist designs for a fully functional kitchen. Home kitchen designs by De Arte Interiors, the best modern interior architects and decorators in Kerala are suitable for all kinds of home set-ups.

Optimizing space and resource utilization to create design wonders

We ensure the ideal use of space and resources to suit the varying needs of our clients. While the utility of each kitchen is different, our expertise covers simple household kitchens as well as commercial kitchen spaces like restaurants, hotels, and street food counters. Each of these comes with a unique set of challenges and our team has been successfully overcoming them to create the best designs to suit the client’s needs.

Our unique style and aesthetic but fully functional modular kitchen designs with intelligent use of spaces have made us a much sought-after modular kitchen designer in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Kitchen design basics

Depending on the space available, we design a kitchen layout that is usually a straight line layout, Parallel or Galley layout, L shape, U shape, Island layout, or the G shape layout which includes a dining counter. Balance, scale, and symmetry are important. So are the materials used, the color scheme, ventilation, and storage spaces. It is also an important decision on what type of stove top and chimney to install. All these decisions are taken after multiple discussions and inputs from the client.

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