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BLOG - De Arte Interiors
Mon, 24 Jun 2024

Personalize your rental home without losing on your security deposit.

It’s a small world and rented spaces suit today’s global citizens who are on the move and see stability in that, but making that space an extension of you is, in fact, tricky, as you would want to do it without marring the house in anyway so as to keep your security deposit intact.
We are all for stylish yet functional settings. Here are some tricks from us:

Hide those blinds:
If you find blinds boring, then cover it up with curtains of your choice. Now you need not have the hammer down the curtain rods, you can choose light ones and use removable adhesives to fix them up, these adhesives are strong yet do no damage to your walls. Try the 3M ones, they seem to hold on stronger.

Deck up the Wall:
Adding temporary decal would literally liven up any living room. Choose ones, which comes off easy, do a trial on a smaller spot first.

Paint Furniture:
If you don’t want to change the walls then you can add spring of colour to your TV stand, or couch, armchair, just a few pieces coloured up so it shows character and brightens up the room as well. Like the red TV stand brings in colour and cheer to the white walls .